Echo Effect Echo Effect Morning, Gorgeous! Coco and Nicholas hanging out in a kitchen. This is a random piece of art I drew to help me figure out what they look like. I couldn't figure out yet what type of clothes Nicholas would wear, though, hence the girly apron! XD 165203864 Nicholas and Coco I have nicknamed Nicholas "the Ken doll" ever since making this. Anyone surprised? No, I didn't think so. :P 165203865 Nicholas the Charmer 165203866 "We. Look. Awesome!" Coco and Nicholas dress up in togas. Only one of them is okay with this. ;) 165203869 Payne Shepherd A quick pic I did to help me figure out what this character looks like! 165203868 Winter Wear Payne, Nicholas, and Coco are geared-up for cooler weather! 165956755 Coco Keeps Things G 166191403 Nicholas-Sponsored Piggyback Ride Nicholas goofs off with Coco's little brother! 166271162 Nicholas Blossom 169953424 Sleigh Ride I made Nicholas, Payne, and Coco all dress up as classic Christmas characters! 170304468 Mistle--Oh, No! Nicholas is so chivalrous... XD 170304743 Lil' Nicholas & Nicky Nicholas as a kid, with his dad Nicky! 173283138 Echo Effect Ad The ad I made for the premiere of this webcomic! 174543843 Getting Medieval Coco is ready to slay some dragons--or, y'know, clingy stalker-boys! ;) 174823622 "It'll Be Fun!" Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Coco agrees with Nicholas... ;) 176016720 Kids Raising Kids Three-year-old Nicholas with his dad Nicky, who still lives at home with his mom... 177715644 Birthday Cake Nicholas decides to make me a cake for my birthday! (Fourth walls? What are those?) 178898154 Autumn I couldn't resist making Coco and Nicholas dress up in matching autumn colors. :) 182275090 Trick or Treat (Lil' Nicholas Edition) Lil' Nicholas goes trick-or-treating with Nana Nettie! 185800721 Holiday Dance Concept Art A piece I quickly made back in August, so I'd have outfits to reference when making strips #118-127 of the webcomic! 186901732 Happy Yule Nicholas still likes cooking topless in girly aprons... 187318009 Marionette A promo poster I made for the end of volume one! 188336298 Birthday Cake: The Sequel Nicholas once again made me a cake to celebrate my birthday in 2014! 192057172 Nicholas and Coco (2014 Edition) Drew this in July 2014, based on Coco and Nicholas' relationship in volume two! 195178713 Friday the 13th 197446606 (Not) Ready for Summer 198203530 Birthday Cake III Made this in honor of my birthday, which takes place on May 6! 198372647 Hold Me Close 200705123