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          How to use the dividing head (optical dividing head)

          Date:2017-05-10 Author: Click:

          We are specialized in the supply of sub-head of the enterprise, how much of your understanding of the product, may wish to let Xiaobian to introduce you to the use of sub-head:

          1, the dividing head is the workpiece clamped on the chuck or between the two tops, and to rotate, indexing and positioning of the machine accessories. The following are the same as the "

          2, structure and classification. According to its transmission, the indexing form can be divided into the worm sub-dividing head, the trough plate dividing head, the hole plate dividing head, the dial dividing head, the end tooth plate dividing head and other dividing head (including inductance indexing Head and grating indexing head). According to its function can be divided into equally dividing the head. According to its structure and there are vertical lying head, can be dumping head, hanging beam dividing the head of the points. Dividing head as a general-purpose machine tool attachment structure mainly by the clamping part, indexing part, semi-universal dividing head, transmission part of the composition. The following are the same as the "

          The use of the dividing head is: handle turn a spindle to 8 degrees, turn 40 turn that spindle rotation 8 × 40 = 360 degrees, that we can use simple indexing method and angle indexing method, For the need to be divided in the circle of a number of parts of the workpiece, and angle indexing is mainly used in the processing of the workpiece on the axis of the formation of the angle and not equal to the structure of the processing. The following are the same as the "

          Such as: milling machine on the number of teeth 20 processing, processing, the workpiece needs 20 equal parts, then each finished a slot, handle need to turn the number of turn. Solution: known Z = 20, into the formula waiting, get N = 40/20 = 2 turn. That is finished every time the handle, the handle needs to shake 2 turn, such as the workpiece needs six equal points, handle to shake N = 40/6 = 6 and 2/3 turn. Angle indexing method using the formula: N = θ We adhere to the principle of the first customers, to provide our clients with satisfactory service, has been the customer's praise, won a good reputation! Welcome!

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