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          Domestic sub-head of the market analysis, optical division head with this

          Date:2017-05-10 Author: Click:

          Domestic sub-head of the market analysis, optical division head with this

          Leading processing skills and equipment are the main basis for improving productivity and ensuring product quality. In the leading car mold company with a dual table of CNC machine tools, active tool changer, active processing of the photoelectric control system, the workpiece on-line measurement system is not uncommon. CNC machining has been developed from simple surface processing to the surface and the structural surface of all the processing, sub-head from the low-speed processing to the development of high-speed processing, processing automation skills development is very agile. High-strength steel stamping technology is the future direction of development. High-strength steel because of the yield ratio, strain hardening characteristics, strain distribution ability and impact energy and other aspects of the excellent characteristics, the use of cars on the increasing.

          At present, the use of high-strength steel stamping parts are mainly hardened steel, dual phase steel, phase change induced plastic steel. The world's ultra-light body is expected in 2010 launched the leading concept models in 97% of the data for high-strength steel, leading high-strength steel plate in the proportion of vehicle materials will exceed 60%, while the share of dual-phase steel will account for automotive steel Of the 74%.

          Today, many of the selection of IF steel-based series of mild steel will be replaced by high-strength steel plate series, high-strength low-alloy steel will be double-phase steel and ultra-high strength steel instead. At present, the use of domestic high-strength steel car parts are also limited to the use of structural parts and beams, the tensile strength of the data used in more than 500MPa. Therefore, the agile grasp of high-strength steel stamping skills, China's automobile mold industry is a major problem to be solved.

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