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          Development of High Precision Turntable

          Date:2017-05-10 Author: Click:

          The high precision turntable introduces the use of a special servo system to meet the parameter requirements. The system can solve the problem of angle range, angular acceleration, speed, positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. This kind of servo system has the characteristics of fast response, large torque, good acceleration effect and high positioning accuracy. Compared with the traditional position positioning stepping motor system, the servo motor system has obvious advantages, especially the positioning accuracy. Conventional stepping, servo systems often require complex torque transmission mechanisms such as reducers, couplings, etc. The positioning of this structure itself is limited. This servo system is a direct torque output, do not need to take additional additional mechanical devices.

          Turntable is a complex modern electromechanical equipment, in the field of aviation, aerospace in the field of semi-physical simulation and testing, in the development of the aircraft plays a key role, it can simulate the aircraft's attitude of a variety of posture, At present, the various dynamic characteristics of the movement, the guidance system of the aircraft, the control system and the performance of the corresponding device to be tested repeatedly to obtain sufficient test data, and according to the data on the system to re-design and improvement to achieve the overall design of the aircraft Performance requirements.

          Although China's turntable development started late than the developed countries, but these years have also made some achievements, especially in recent years, turntable development has been a great development. At present, there are many domestic research institutions and universities engaged in turntable research and development, such as Harbin Institute of Technology, CATIC 303, China Ship 6354, Beijing Jun Da Tengfei Technology Co., Ltd. and so on. China in the 20th century, 60 years independently developed and manufactured the first hydraulic flight simulation turntable for China's early aircraft control and guidance system has made tremendous contributions to the development. In the 1980s, China introduced the digital control into the turntable control, realized the complicated control law with the software, the parameter adjustment was also convenient to the analog controller, and brought our research and development into a new era. In 1990, CATIC 303 successfully developed the SGT 1-type three-axis strapdown inertial navigation test turntable, which is China's first computer-controlled high-precision three-axis inertial test bench. Since the 1990s, the development of the turntable has entered a digital and analog requirements are getting higher and higher, which on the turntable design and tuning put forward higher requirements.

          China has also developed a number of different forms of different uses of precision servo turntable, from the domestic product point of view in the same structural stiffness under the premise of domestic products to do heavier, smaller load, which to miniaturization, mobility is very difficult. As foreign imports of related products is always in a state of strict control. So only based on their own development. And their own development need to solve the problem is how to make the structure of light and high stiffness, high precision.

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