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          Platform installation considerations

          Date:2017-05-10 Author: Click:

          Design the final step in the vibration isolation system - before making the final order decision, you need to consider the complex installation factors. Customize the platform

          Isolation platform system can be carried to the laboratory designated location, it is necessary to carefully consider. With the engineering staff, colleagues, or assemblers, go along with the installation route - the reception point, the elevator, the corridor, the doorway or even the window (if you need to use the crane), you can find possible logistics problems and make the necessary changes to the system plan The

          Second, it is important to note that the laboratory equipment, including voltage and current, lighting, drying gas supply (for supporting the maintenance system) and air conditioning system. If the lack of clean dry gas, you need to use high-quality air compressor. Unclean or ** gas will greatly affect the air vibration isolation system, substandard power supply will produce unnecessary noise, and even sophisticated electronic equipment surge.

          Finally, the need to point out that the installation work by the purchase of the appropriate insurance professionals to use the correct tools to complete, never appear more than a dozen people to lift the desktop to let other people move the legs of the situation. Earthquake-prone areas of laboratory equipment selection need to consider the building's earthquake needs.

          All in all, while contemporary vibration isolation systems have greatly improved the stability of optoelectronic applications, they are not a panacea for all problems. The stability of the optical path is determined by the entire vibration transfer "structural loop", including the support structure, optical mechanical parts, optical components and motion control systems. Taking into account the vibration environment, reduce the impact of sound, remove the platform and the platform near the unnecessary vibration sources, and the use of the correct vibration isolation platform installation methods are to enhance the vibration performance needs attention.

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