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          Classification header classification

          Date:2017-05-10 Author: Click:

          According to its transmission, the indexing form can be divided into the worm sub-dividing head, dial dividing head, hole plate dividing head, slotted dividing head, end tooth plate dividing head and other dividing head (including inductance indexing Head and grating indexing head). According to its function can be divided into universal dividing head, semi-universal dividing head, equal division head. According to its structure and there are vertical lying head, can be dumping head, hanging beam dividing the head of the points. Dividing head as a general-purpose machine tool attachment structure mainly by the clamping part, indexing part of the transmission part of the composition. Partial head manufacturer


          According to the classification method and function can be divided into three kinds. ① universal dividing head: the most widely used. The spindle can be tilted at any angle between the horizontal and vertical directions. The indexing mechanism consists of an indexing disc and a worm-worm gear pair (see worm gear) with a gear ratio of 1:40, and the indexing plate has several different points of positioning holes. Rotate the handle connected to the worm to insert the locating pin into the selected positioning hole to achieve the indexing. When the number of equal points on the indexing plate can not meet the indexing requirements, through the worm and the spindle between the exchange gear to change the transmission ratio, expand the indexing range. In the milling machine can be universal dividing the head of the exchange gear and milling machine table feed screw connected to the workpiece axial feed and rotary motion combination, according to a certain guide milling out the spiral groove. ② semi-universal dividing head: the structure and universal dividing head is basically the same, but without the exchange gear mechanism, can only use the indexing table directly, can not be linked with the milling machine table. ③ equal division head: the general use of 24 slots or holes of the sub-disk, directly to achieve 2,3,4,6,8,12,24 equally divided, horizontal, vertical and vertical lying Type 3. The vertical base has two mutually perpendicular mounting surfaces, and the spindle can be in a horizontal or vertical position. The indexing accuracy of the general dividing head is generally ± 60 ".


          The spindle is equipped with a precision glass dial or round grating, through the optical or optoelectronic system for subdivision, amplification, and then by the eyepiece, light screen or digital device read out the angle value. Indexing accuracy of up to ± 1 ", optical dividing head for precision machining and angle measurement.


          CNC dividing head with AC or DC servo motor drive, complex pitch worm gear group mechanism transmission, the use of hydraulic ring-type locking device, coupled with a solid rigid seal structure.

          CNC dividing head widely used in milling machines, drilling and machining centers. With the machine tool four-axis operation interface, can be used for the same four-axis processing.

          CNC dividing head and sparks machine can be used for bicycles and automobile tire mold processing.

          CNC dividing head can also be used with DC / AC single-axis servo controller, connected to the M-signal, for the division processing.

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