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          Metal rubber vibration isolator

          Date:2017-05-11 Author: Click:

          Metal rubber vibration isolator

          Metal rubber is a natural rubber simulation products, metal rubber components to wire as raw material, does not contain any natural rubber, but with natural rubber-like flexibility and porosity, especially suitable for solving high and low temperature, large temperature difference, high pressure, high vacuum , Strong radiation, severe vibration and corrosion and other environments damping vibration. Its internal reticular, similar to the natural rubber macromolecule structure, under the action of alternating stress and strain can dissipate a lot of vibration energy, damping in the resonance zone significantly increased, can effectively suppress the resonance peak, in the isolation area The damping is rapidly reduced, and thus has excellent damping characteristics, damping ratio of 0.2 to 0.3.

          The stiffness properties also exhibit linearity - softness characteristics with increasing amplitude - non-linear properties of hard characteristic variations (see figure). That is, stiffness gradient effect will reduce the direction of the system space "natural frequency." So that the product with the increase in the level of external excitation, "natural frequency" to reduce, so it has a good vibration isolation effect; it can be said that metal rubber is a high elasticity and good damping characteristics of loose structural materials, the density is only metal Of about 0.3.

          As the metal rubber material can be high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, ultra-low temperature, in the space environment does not evaporate, not afraid of space radiation and particle impact, metal rubber components with storage and long life, no aging and so on. For example, the current use of the bridge damping bearing due to vibration material is made of natural rubber, aging caused by failure after the replacement of the amount of engineering and economic losses can be imagined. There are natural rubber work to adapt to the temperature of -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C and metal rubber work to adapt to the temperature of -150 ° C ~ + 360 ° C, the advantage is obvious.

          Therefore, the various components made by it can not only work in the harsh environment, but still maintain a very good nature in this environment, to meet the special needs of defense space vehicles and some in special work environment Special requirements for component materials.

          With the metal rubber made of vibration, vibration isolation components, is characterized by small size, light weight, can be made for a variety of vibration isolators, applicable to all types of electronic equipment, power equipment and pipeline vibration isolation vibration, Especially for aviation, aerospace, marine, chemical and other malicious environment.

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