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          Turntable operating instructions

          Date:2017-05-11 Author: Click:

          Turntable manual and mobile can be used, the center of the table with Morse taper hole, can be used as a workpiece or fixture positioning benchmark. Turn the handle clockwise 5 to brake the table, and vice versa to make it loose, turntable transmission ratio of 1:90, hand wheel 4 90 turn each turn, the table turn a turn, hand wheel every turn, Turn 4 degrees. When turning the handwheel, the table must be released to the brake, otherwise it will damage the workbench. Manual turntable

          When the manual, the cam 7 is placed in the middle position, the eccentric sleeve locking handle 9 can be released for the sake of alignment and simplification, and the zero indicator 106 can be rotated. When the adjustment screw 21 is turned into the eccentric sleeve , The worm wheel and the worm off, then the table can quickly turn a large angle. And then turn the zero indicator 106 in the opposite direction, and when the adjustment screw 21 touches the eccentric sleeve again, the worm gear is in the engaged state. At this time, the eccentric sleeve is tightened by the eccentric sleeve locking handle 10, Hand wheel 4 for continuous processing.

          When the indexing process is performed, the starting position of the indexing can be set according to the installation or the reference, and the cursor fastening screw 13 is released first, and the cursor 12 is moved slowly to be aligned with a mark on the table , Then the cursor 12 is fastened with the cursor fastening screw 13, and then the scale ring 11 coaxial with the worm is rotated so that its zero position is aligned with the zero position of the zero sign 10 and the "degree" And this "degree" as a starting point, release the table for indexing.

          When the motor is maneuvered, one end of the universal joint 20 is connected with a locking screw to the gear box at one end of the table and the other end is connected to the motor shaft 6 by means of a locking screw, and then the cam 7 is pushed forward or backward Position, you can achieve the purpose of maneuver, the table has a T-slot on the circumference, in any position with its screws to tighten the Messenger 8, this contact to the table when the clutch off the clutch, automatically stop.

          Manual turntable

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