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          Seismic Isolation Points in Air Vibration Isolation Platform

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          Seismic Isolation Points in Air Vibration Isolation Platform

          The main points of vibration isolation design are: first to investigate the environment vibration source, including vibration source category, magnitude, direction and frequency range and other projects; Secondly, according to the isolation body itself, the weight and vibration requirements, according to the frequency ratio λ ≥ 2.5 ~ 5 to calculate, select the shock absorber type, assembly methods and parameters (damping coefficient, stiffness); Finally, use the instrument to test the vibration isolation effect, check the vibration isolation coefficient.

          Commonly used vibration isolation equipment with natural or man-made rubber products, metal spring products, stainless steel wire mesh products and nearly a decade of a variety of polymer compounds viscoelastic materials products. These devices can be used to isolate vibration, but also from the impact, noise reduction.

          Install the machine on a suitable resilient device to isolate mechanical vibration. According to the different vibration source there are two different nature of the vibration isolation measures. If the machine itself is the vibration source, it should be isolated from the support to reduce the impact on the surroundings, which is called active vibration isolation. Such as the vibration source from the support of the movement, in order to reduce the impact of external vibration on the mechanical, to make the support and mechanical isolation, which is called passive vibration.

          The vibration isolation coefficient η represents the effect of vibration isolation. The active vibration isolation coefficient ηz is different from the concept of ηb, but the calculation formula is the same. The smaller the value the better the effect of vibration isolation. For a single degree of freedom vibration isolation system where λ = ωj / ωn is the frequency ratio, that is, the excitation frequency ωj and the vibration isolation system natural frequency ωn ratio, ζ is the damping ratio.

          According to the vibration isolation coefficient curve: ① regardless of the damping size, only when the frequency ratio is only vibration isolation effect, and then with the increase in λ vibration isolation effect gradually increased, practical to take λ = 2.5 ~ 5 is sufficient; ② increase damping can be reduced Small machine in the start and stop process through the resonant area when the amplitude, but after the increase in damping but reduce the vibration isolation effect; ③ due to the general vibration damping coefficient is not large, in the range of λ = 2.5 ~ Vibration coefficient, can be considered without damping. Specific vibration isolation measures are provided with elastic support and anti-vibration ditch. For the vibration isolation effect requires a high precision instruments, the general use of multi-layer partitions; for multi-directional excitation, a variety of complex response vibration isolation system, we must consider the linear vibration, torsional vibration and the coupling between them, vibration isolation coefficient Shall be calculated according to the multi-degree of freedom model. When the frequency ratio λ changes greatly, such as wide band excitation and weight change of the machine, the use of non-linear vibration isolation system can receive a better vibration isolation effect. In the vibration isolation design, according to the vibration source vibration size, direction and frequency, as well as by the vibration isolation machinery size, weight and vibration requirements, to determine the vibration isolation device parameters and structure type.

          Air vibration isolation platform

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