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          The main structure of the custom platform

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          The main structure of the custom platform

          Mainly composed of editors

          Standard optical platform basic components include: 1, roof; 2, floor; 3, side finishing face; 4, side panels; 5, honeycomb core; 6, sealed cups and so on. [2] 

          Steel structure

          High-quality platforms and breadboards should have a steel structure, including 5 mm thick roof and floor, and 0.25 mm thick machined welded steel honeycomb core. The honeycomb core is made with an accurate lamination tool to ensure its geometric spacing by welding the flat washer. The honeycomb core structure in the platform and breadboard extends from the top plate to the bottom plate with no transition layer in the middle, resulting in a stronger, more thermally stable platform product.

          Thermal stability

          The key to thermal stability lies in the axial direction of the symmetrical, uniform steel structure. The extensibility and shrinkage of steel components during heat exchange are similar and can maintain good flatness during temperature changes. The steel honeycomb core structure extends from the top plate to the bottom plate, with no plastic or aluminum leakage management structure in the middle, so that the overall rigidity of the platform is not reduced or a higher coefficient of thermal expansion is introduced. We use steel side panels, not wood, which eliminates the environmental instability caused by humidity.

          Precision Machining

          Automated processing

          Automated processing system platform and breadboard special is the use of automatic track mechanical matte surface processing, than the old platform products more smooth and smooth. With improved surface finish of these platforms, the surface flatness is ± 0.1 mm (± 0.004 in.) In 1 square meter (11 square feet), providing a contact surface for the mounting parts without the need for abrasive To polish.

          Large radius angle

          Platform and breadboard design can also use large radius fillet, which can reduce the sharp edges in the laboratory, improve safety.

          Customize the platform

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