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          Optical platform for the purchase and use of skills

          Date:2017-05-11 Author: Click:

          With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of the optical platform and the continuous improvement of the products of the manufacturers, the optical platform has been developed and the quality is uneven. Therefore, before purchasing the products, Understand, such as the nature of the enterprise to understand, comprehensive ability to understand, quality standards, process lines, after-sales service capabilities and attitudes. Followed by the understanding of the product, such as its material, processing accuracy, vibration isolation effect, the overall product rationality, whether the surface of the platform fine, surface treatment process, the overall aesthetic and so on.

          Do not overestimate the product of a two parameters, the product should be the overall understanding, and a certain test. For example, important parameters in the optical platform such as flatness, platform roughness, natural frequency, amplitude, working pressure and maximum load parameters must have a detailed understanding and detection. So that you can according to the product of some important parameters to choose their own want to buy the optical platform.

          Optical platform installed after the installation of the use of time, installation and commissioning must be in place by the manufacturers. After the installation is completed, first check the optical platform support leg connection is fastened, the whole platform in the ordinary external force whether the shaking, the level of the platform in place, then look at the manufacturers to provide factory test report. The natural frequency of the automatic inflatable precision isolation optical platform should be:

          Vertical direction: no load: 1.2 ~ 2.0 Hz; full load: 1.0 ~ 1.8 Hz;

          Horizontal direction: no load: 1.2 ~ 1.8 Hz; full load: 0.8-1.6 Hz;

          Level, platform table flat tolerance 0.05 ~ 0.10 mm / m2;

          The surface of the platform has Middie texture treatment, the roughness is less than 1.6μm;

          Platform all exposed surface smooth, bottom spray rust paint, glossy smooth, no depression; sharp edge chamfer; the whole external clean and beautiful. In addition, the platform in the course of the use of the experiment, the surface will not sprinkle water and other corrosive liquids, such as in a timely manner with a clean paper towels and cloth wipe clean, air compressor to give regular inspection refueling, platform level placed in every 6 After the month should be re-adjusted.

          Optical platform manufacturer

          Optical platform manufacturer

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