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          Projection optical indexing head

          Date:2017-05-11 Author: Click:

          Projection optical indexing head

          · Spindle with dense ball structure, flexible rotation, use for many years, still able to maintain the original accuracy.

          The shaft system can carry a larger load.

          The indexing head spindle can be tilted in the range of 90 ° and can be fastened at any position within this range, and the tilt angle can be read on the dial. · Turn the handwheel with the jogging device on the front end of the dividing head so that the spindle of the dividing head can be adjusted quickly and precisely. Handwheel has overload protection to avoid damage to the instrument due to turning the handwheel when the spindle is locked.

          · Projection screen wide field of view, clear imaging, reading comfort.

          ? The instrument is equipped with a unique positioning device to ensure that the dividing head is concentric with the tailstock axis. When the indexing head is re-installed on the base, the positioning device makes it accurate in its original position.

          · Complete instrument accessories, with centerline trim, measuring indexing with the alignment and cam and lead accessories, equipped with cam and lead accessories can be measured after the cam and helical groove hob cutting edge of the lead.

          · Beautiful shape, fine processing, easy to use, stable quality.

          Optical dividing head

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