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          Omnipotent indexing index is not uniform how to adjust?

          Date:2017-05-11 Author: Click:

          1) Partition head worm and worm gear ripple gap to be adjusted properly, too tight to make the worm wheel wear, too loose will make the degree of sub-precision decline. The gap should generally be maintained in the range of 0.02 to 0.04 mm.

          2) When holding the workpiece on the indexing head, it is best to lock the dividing head spindle first. Tightening when not too much force too much, do not beat the workpiece hard. Optical dividing head

          3) indexing, the general is shaking in the clockwise direction, in the process of shaking, as far as possible to uniform and uniform. Once the bit should be more than half of the indexing handle to eliminate the gap, and then according to the original direction to the specified position slowly insert the positioning pin.

          4) When adjusting the elevation angle of the head spindle, it is not necessary to release the two hexagon socket screws in the upper part of the base near the front of the spindle. Otherwise, the zero position of the spindle position will be moved and the hammers will not be used.

          5) indexing, in advance to release the spindle locking handle, after the end of the re-lock, but in the processing of helical surface workpiece, because the workpiece during the dividing head spindle to rotate, so can not lock the spindle.

          6) to keep the table to keep the head of the clean, before use to install the bottom and the spindle cone and milling machine table wipe clean. Storage, the exposed metal surface should be oil rust.

          7) often pay attention to the lubrication of the various parts of the head, and according to the provisions of the instructions, so that regular refueling.

          8) Precision dividing head can not be used as a milling helix.

          Optical dividing head

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