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          吳江SB test bench (breadboard)

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          • Data:2017/06/26
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          SB series bread plate
          SB series bread plate is characterized by small size, can be used in the production line of simplex bit operation, need to move the module can also be installed, easy to use.Adding level regulating mechanism can be based on user needs.
          Product data sheet
          modelModelTable size(mm)Platform the overall height (mm)Maximum load(kg)Screw hole diameterThe pitch of screw(mm)Support legs (only)
          The length of theThe width of theThe thickness of the bedplate
          SB06036003005050100M625There is no
          SB06046004005050100M625There is no
          Main performance indicators
          Maximum dynamic deflection coefficient:1.1 x 10- 3
          The largest relative displacement:0.22nm
          Surface flatness:0.10mm/m2

          SB test bench (breadboard)

          SB test bench (breadboard)

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