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          吳江U-type splicing platform

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          • Data:2017/06/26
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          Stitching platform

          With the development of the modern optical technology, the optical light path is more and more long, the vibration isolation platform to put forward the requirement of large, multilateral, our factory according to the requirements of users, developed the rigid-body splicing technology platform, completed the "a","LType ","TType ","C"Type, through to the steel platform structure calculation of harmful source of optimization design, solve the large spliced platform bedplate inherent frequency fell sharply, to ensure the good performance of vibration isolation of vibration isolation system.

          Product main performance index

          Load capacity:

          The biggest500~800kg

          Inflation pressure:

          The biggest0.6Mpa

          Natural frequency:

          The vertical direction<1.1HZ

          The horizontal direction<1.8HZ

          The largest relative displacement:


          Surface flatness:


          U-type splicing platform

          U-type splicing platform

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